SIXTH PHASE: the Oudedijk road network on the Ketel Dyke side will be completed.


During this phase, the road network on the Ketel Dyke side will be laid out. In addition, the Oudedijk zone between the northern bridge of the existing roundabout and the slip road of the Liefkenshoek will be re-laid.


The works will be carried out in July 2018.

Impact on traffic

This phase will be carried out during the summer break in order to limit disturbance.

The following measures will be taken:
Bridge 1 will be closed to through traffic. In addition, the North Waaslandhaven exit (R2 direction Liefkenshoek Tunnel) will be closed.
Traffic to and from Ketel Dyke will only be accessible via Oudedijk. This will be temporary two-way traffic.
Traffic from St Antoniusweg in the direction of the North Waaslandhaven slip road (R2 direction Liefkenshoek Tunnel), will be diverted via bridge 2. This will be a temporary road intersection.
Traffic from North Waaslandhaven (slip road direction Liefkenshoek Tunnel) will be diverted for three days via South Waaslandhaven.
Exit 11 of the Beveren Tunnel will be closed. A diversion will be put in place via South Waaslandhaven and Ketenislaan.

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