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The Antwerp port area is in full development. Companies are attracting new business and are literally growing beyond their boundaries. In order to optimally support this growth, the road network also needs to expand. The Department for Maritime Access therefore always thinks ahead so that they can undertake the necessary work in a timely manner so that companies are not hampered by inadequate infrastructure.
One of the sites launched in 2017 concerns North Waaslandhaven. The current roundabout, which links, among other places, the Liefkenshoek Tunnel, the Beveren Tunnel, the Ketel Dyke and the new Kieldrecht Lock, will no longer be able to cope with the increasing traffic and will therefore be transformed into a Dutch complex. There are 2 sets of 3 lanes and a hard shoulder, combined with double, coordinated traffic lights to direct traffic as efficiently as possible. On both sides are four-way road intersections with the slip roads of the R2 (Ploegweg/Oudedijk and St. Antoniusweg/Keteldijk).
It is inevitable that such extensive work will cause some inconvenience for the companies on the site and users of the R2 road. In order to minimise this as much as possible, a well thought out plan of action has been drawn up so that the works undertaken limit the nuisance factor and the site remains accessible throughout.
The work is therefore undertaken in 6 phases, so that no single road should be closed completely. The plan has been devised so that the biggest inconvenience is limited to a number of weekends and the summer break in 2018. Traffic will continue to flow on the R2 using 2 lanes in both directions. The existing bridges will only be dismantled and removed at the end of the work. In addition, the good of the new bridge has been made in one span without a middle pillar, so that any obstructions to the R2 will be kept to a minimum.
Throughout the work, the progress made will always be communicated so you can keep track of it at any time and be aware of any possible hold-ups. On this site you will find the latest information about the current phase. You can also ask any questions and give feedback through the contact form. That way, we can work together to ensure the works go smoothly.

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